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Full Brand Design

Annie's Quilt Shop, a cozy quilting haven, was founded by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Anne and Ashley. Their mission? To rejuvenate and elevate your quilting experience, providing a space where creativity flows freely and is joyously celebrated.

The Challenge: To create a brand identity that reflects Annie's rich history, creativity, and friendly vibes in a way that is bold, timeless, and minimal. Keeping in mind the variety of colours and patterns found in their extensive range of materials and quilting supplies.

The Solution:
We opted for a script font in the main logo—a blend of authenticity and friendliness, giving a modern nod to the family's heritage. Paired with a simple yet powerful tagline, it reinforces the essence of minimalism and modernity.


The colour palette is warm and neutral, creating a welcoming ambiance. The crisp and minimal photography style complements muted textures, while vibrant product photography injects a burst of color, evoking a sense of joy and creativity in a bold and modern way.

Along with the hand-drawn illustration style, subtle textures, and strategic use of white space, this brand has everything it needs to thrive and let its products and services take center stage.

Brand adjectives: Fun, Friendly, Creative, Inviting, Inspiring, Bold
Minimal, Timeless, Clean, Simplistic, Statement, Fresh

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