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Beautiful Design That Goes Beyond Visuals

Using strategy to convey your unique brand personality, I’ll craft a brand that attracts your ideal client's eye and speaks to their heart.

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Take a peek at some of my featured projects

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Signature Branding Packages

A completely immersive experience that will begin with strategy, go deeper with feeling, and result in a brand driven by purpose and consistency.

Inquire to get the complete service and pricing guide!

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Social Media Design
aka the Instagram Makeover

No more hours spent on Canva! Custom-designed social media templates will transform how your business is perceived online.

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Semi-Custom Branding Kits

Logos, colours, fonts, moodboard, and more ready for you fast and customized with your business details.

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Design Days

Maintain a consistent presence across all touch-points through seamless digital and print design. From website to postcard I'm here for you.

Book me for a full or half day.

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We’ll work well together if…

  • You are motivated and have the momentum but just don’t know where to start with the visuals

  • You understand your service or product, your process, and your ideal client and are ready to take the next step

  • Your visuals don't represent the quality of your product/service that you provide (and you could be losing out on potential business because of this)

  • You feel like you're constantly wasting time creating visuals and trying to stay consistent without any brand guidelines or templates to follow

Next Steps


Fill out a brief inquiry.
I would
love to hear from you and answer ANY questions you may have.


I will answer all your questions, send you my service & pricing guide, and offer to book a discovery call.


During the discovery call, I’ll review all deliverables and show examples to help you know what to expect.


After our discovery call I can provide a custom proposal if needed and we can decide if we’re ready to move ahead!

Hailey created the branding for my interior decor and design business. She was personable, communicative, knowledgeable about her work and delivered the product on time. Her questions are insightful and her work was intuitive. I loved the entire process of working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for graphic design support.


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Fall in love with your brand, 
show up confidently, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS with more ease!

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