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Brand Aspects to Define Before Working on the Visuals

Branding is so much more than a logo and even so much more than visuals. Below is a simple guide to help define the basics of your brand strategy, and create a solid base for your visuals to be built on.

Why you need branding for your small business

Before jumping into the design of your brand visuals:

1. Write a Mission Statement

Your mission statement should define your business’s purpose or reason for being.

Questions to ask to help write your mission statement:

What do we do?

Who do we serve?

What are we trying to accomplish?

What impact do we want to achieve?

2. Write a Vision Statement

Your vision statement should describe the future of your business and what you hope to achieve in the long term.

Questions to ask to help write your vision statement:

Where are we going?

What do we want to achieve?

What kind of future society do we envision?

3. Define Your Brand Values

A values statement should highlight your core principles, qualities, and social priorities.

Questions to ask to help write your values statement:

What do we stand for?

How will we conduct our business?

How do we treat members of our own organization and community?

4. Define Your Ideal Client

While it’s important to define the demographics, they aren’t enough. Try to think of your perfect client as a single person that you would love to work with over and over.

“If you try to market to everyone, you’re marketing to no one”

Questions to ask to help define your ideal client: What is your ideal client struggling with?

How does their problem make them feel?

What is their goal (in relation to their problem)?

What’s stopped them from finding a solution up to now?

If they can overcome their problem, what does the ideal outcome look like?

What are their expectations with hiring a service like yours?

How can you exceed their expectations?

5. Define Your Messaging & Unique Selling Position (USP)

Your messaging strategy should be able to help your prospects decide why they want to work with you over your competition.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses to determine your unique angle. Who you are + What you do + For who + Why it is beneficial + How you do it = Your unique selling position

By having these aspects of your brand defined before jumping into the visuals, we are able to work together to create something truly impactful. Through the visuals, we can help tell your story in an impactful way while staying true to your mission, vision and values in a way that speaks directly to your ideal client.

I hope this helps! And when you are ready to jump into the visuals I'm here to help! Check out some of my latest branding projects here.

- Hailey


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