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4 Instagram Feed Design Tips

Having a visually appealing Instagram feed is crucial for creating a good first impression, communicating your value & professionalism, and reaching a new audience.

To create brand recognition while achieving a professional, and polished look it's important to deliberately alternate colors, font sizes, image styles, and template styles. This also ensures each post has its own space to breathe and stands out amidst a sea of content.

Keep your Instagram feed looking its best with these four indispensable tips:

4 Instagram Feed Design Tips

1. Stay True to Your Brand: Create trust and brand recognition by sticking with your designated brand fonts and colours. Consistency in branding fosters familiarity and loyalty.

Branding for Instagram Design

2. Contrasting Font Sizes: Varying font sizes add hierarchy and emphasize important messages, allowing viewers to easily navigate your content, like guiding your audience through your content.

Instagram design font size

3. Consistent Image Styles:

Consistent use of different image styles can bring diversity and visual interest to your Instagram feed while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. IE: black and white, bright, muted, or specific colors, using a filter, or different opacities.

consistent image style

4. Post Templates: Having your own set of Canva templates to help you share your specific content and using them consistently, helps create a visually balanced Instagram layout, builds brand recognition, and ensures a cohesive and organized feel to the overall feed design.

Instagram Canva templates design

The intentional spacing of these elements gives each post space to shine and creates a

visually appealing, digestible Instagram feed that grabs your audience's attention and keeps

them looking for more. Here are some examples of Instagram feeds design with these principles in mind:

I hope this helps! If you have any questions or need any help with your brand design or Instagram design I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for following along! - Hailey


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